Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Endeavour Comparison

So the Volkswagen Tiguan is here. Here we will be comparing the Ford Endeavour with the VW Tiguan. It is true, that these two are not direct rivals, but the two models cost almost same.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour Price Comparison

Volkswagen Tiguan Price Rs 27.98 Lakh to Rs 31.38 Lakh (Ex-showroom)
Ford Endeavour Price Rs 25.49 Lakh to Rs 31.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom)


As already said, the two are not direct rivals. While the Tiguan is a crossover, the Endy is a true-blue mid-size premium SUV.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour Specifications Comparison

Specifications Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Endeavour
Engine 2.0-litre TDI Diesel 2.2 L Diesel/3.2 L Diesel
Max Power 141 BHP 158 BHP/197 BHP
Peak Torque 340 Nm 385 Nm/470 Nm
Transmission 7-speed DSG Automatic 6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
Drivetrain AWD FWD/AWD



The VW Tiguan comes with a 2.0 L Turbo Diesel engine, which delivers 143 PS and 340 Nm. It comes with a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission as standard. The Endeavour on the other hand is available in 2.2 L Turbo Diesel and 3.2 L Turbo Diesel engines. The Endy is said to have more power but it is only limited to papers, and in real world performance both will have same performance. This will be due to the great DSG transmission of the Tiguan and its lower kerb weight.

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Ford Endeavour interior

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour Mileage Comparison

Mileage Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Endeavour
ARAI Tested 17.06 KMPL 2.2 4×2 AT 12.62 KMPL
2.2 4×4 MT 13.5 KMPL
32. 4×4 AT 10.92 KMPL


Again, because of the smaller engines, lower kerb weight and an efficient transmission, the Tiguan provides a higher average mileage.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour Dimensions Comparison

Dimensions Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Endeavour
Length 4,486 mm 4,893 mm
Width 1,839 mm 1,862 mm
Height 1,672mm 1,836 mm
Wheelbase 2,677 mm  2,850 mm
Ground Clearance 149 mm 225 mm


As the comparison shows, the Endy is actually huge if you compare it with the Tiguan. And so obviously, the VW Tiguan is also smaller on the inside. While the Tiguan provides 5 seats, the Endeavour has 7 seats. Also, the ground clearance of Ford Endeavour is better than the Tiguan.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour Comparison Verdict

Cost: Prices of the two are almost same. This means that for the same price, Tiguan provides a smaller cabin and lesser street presence. However, its engine and transmission combo is world-class.

Specifications: The Endeavour has bigger engines. However, thanks to a lower kerb weight and the DSG automatic transmission, the performance difference of the two cars is almost negligible.

Mileage: The Tiguan is a winner here.

Dimension: The Endeavour is a lot larger.

Design: The Tiguan has its crossover like look and a sporty edge, while the Endeavour looks really butch and got a high road presence.

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