Upcoming Tata Tiago EV 2018

Electric Car

The all-electric versions of the Tata Tiago hatchback have got their first public showing at the 2018 Auto Expo. Tata Tiago EV is exactly the same as their conventional-engine-powered version. This version gets the addition of blue decals on both sides and ‘EV’ badging on the grille. In the inside, there is only the unique knob-like gear lever to tell it apart from the standard version EV run the same specification and is powered by a 3-phase AC induction motor with an output of 30kW at 4,500rpm. The power of Tiago EV is approx 40hp as well as performance will be great from electrifying and that’s before considering for the effect of the addition of the battery pack. Tata has not disclosed any information about range or battery potential yet, though it has mentioned about the battery for ‘fast charging’ capability. The version is expected to launch later in 2018, but they will not come cheap with the price and likely to be upwards of Rs 11 lakh.

Electric CarElectric Car

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