Top 5 Ways to Extend Tire Life

Do you change your tires after 50,000 Kms? Because you have to as they are not in the condition of continuing the journey.  But what if we tell you the fact that Taxi and cab drivers easily manage up to 80,000-100,000 Kms. This not only saves half of the money but also helps in planning for longer vehicular movements.

Don’t be surprised as it is easy to double the Life your Car Tyres and if you are interested to know how then keep reading this post. We are mentioning 5 simple tips which will help you in a longer run.

Tips For Car Tires Life

#List of 5 Tips To Double Your Car Tire’s Life

#1 Selection of Right Tires

Selection of tires depends on the type of movements you do. If you are a commuter and drives in a city then we will suggest you go for hard compound tires for your vehicles. The reason behind cab operator’s preference for such tires is they are best for a longer run. You may feel the comfort levels and the grip is not very impressive but being a commuter you will hardly miss these features.

If you are looking for brand suggestions then go with the Apollo Amazer 4G, JK Ultima and Tornado, the CEAT Czar and Bridgestone Dueler. Try to avoid cheap quality tires from Chinese manufacturers.

#2 Sticks to The Speed Limits

This is the most important rule of safe driving but it is also helpful when you want to avoid wear & tear of tires while at high speeds.  You must avoid rash driving as it will help you to achieve a longer life of your tires which means you can cover longer distance without changing them. While driving on Highways try your best to be in the speed limits. This will prevent overheating especially during summers on Blacktop expressways.

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#3 Check Theses 3 Things

The Wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation is most important when you are driving on Indian roads. Our roads are famous for imperfections which can direct your wheels. You need to get checked all 3 at regular intervals. The car manufacturers also recommend some specific interval for balancing, wheel alignment and rotation, which is usually 5,000 Km or 10,000 Km.  You should follow these intervals strictly as it will not only increase the life of your tires but also and helps to avoid unwanted happenings while driving.

#4 Follows The Recommended Tire Pressure

These tires are tested under scientific conditions and then the manufacturer of the car mentions the recommended pressure for your car. You cannot under inflate or over inflate the tires according to your wish. Both of these must be avoided as both can be risky for your life and vehicle.  Under-inflation can cause overheating and bursting when you are driving at high speeds. Overinflation will result in excess stress on the sidewalls of the tires which can fail them prematurely. Change the tires in case of puncture immediately as driving with punctured tires affects the life of tires.

#5 Avoid Overloading

Both vehicles and their tires are designed for specific loading. Their designed life depends upon the load under which they are working and if you are disturbing the calculations with overloading then the life of tires decreases.  If you are carrying loads above the limit then it will lead to excess wear and affects its durability too. You can also face alignment failures and other possible damages. So, if you are willing for not such things to happen then simply avoid overloading and increase the life of your tires.



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