Top 10 Best Cars Under 10 lakhs in 2019

The car is one of the essential need for a status symbol for each person, one and all have his own budget too and when the budget issue comes that which automobile is best to buy. If you are attending to purchase an automotive, you’re certainly one of the largest financial choices in your life.

For this reason alone, making an honest car budget is important. Before you get a car, you ought to be ready to purchase insurance prices, oil changes, regular maintenance, and sudden prices. Once you are able to begin trying, finding the cash for a car is that the next hurdle.

These days we have a tendency to area unit attending to offer you a detail info on best ten cars below ten lakhs, therefore prepare for the cars and compare the most effective one for you and your family size, examination an automotive got to check up on every and each issue like appearance, mileage, price etc.


When the Duster was formed in 2010, it received social status similar to that of a legend. the entire idea of giving the common Joe a compact SUV that cost the maximum amount a hatchback from different makers was a totally new path different brands didn’t even contemplate venturing onto. The innovation continued within the style studio, with the Duster trying fresh and unlike something that was already offered on the market. though it wore a little tag, vogue wasn’t sacrificed; arrow headed hind lights, a polygon rear windscreen and flaring wheel arches, area unit just a few of the planning components that created the Duster a novel very little SUV.


Design and outlook on the Renault Duster make it nearly unbeatable. The engine capability is 1461 cc for the petrol variant with manual transmission and also the diesel variant has a higher cylinder bore of 1598 cc. On average, this SUV would go 12-18 km/l in city driving. Price – Rs. 8.3 lacs and onwards.


Comfort, Style, Safety and Luxury are some words which will define this sedan automotive. Toyota, a Japanese Automobile Company identified for creating world-class sedans packed with cutting-edge technology has extended the new member in sedan family, Toyota Etios.

Toyota Etios offers best in a class area with comfortable seating and luxurious interiors. Dual Air luggage, Audio management on Steering Wheels and Parking Sensors are some options that create this sedan a real companion for a protracted drive.

Toyota Etios may be a real sedan that provides real comfort, real style, real safety and real performance. Toyota Etios may be a good sedan below 10 lakh that provides options and luxury that are usually offered in high range sedan cars in India.


1.4 litre diesel engine, 68 PS @ 3,800 RPM, 170 Nm @ 1,800-2,400 RPM

1.5 liter fuel Engine, 90 PS @ 5,600 RPM, 132 Nm @ 3,200 RPM

Price vary is between Rs 6.10 lakh-Rs 8.92 Lakh.


 Hyundai Xcnet may be a car that provides one thing additional on everything that embodies extra comfort, additional style, additional economy, extra convenience and extra safety. Modern, colourful and stylish are some of the words which will outline this sedan automobile.

Xcent is one of the foremost fashionable sedan cars in India below ten lakh and might be simply seen on roads. Luxurious Seating, Generous Legroom, prime quality Interiors and smart Bootspace are options of this sedan car, that makes it manner before different sedan cars present in this worth range.

Also, the engine utilized in this sedan is of premier quality that delivers smart performance, optimum fuel consumption and lower emissions. Hyundai Xcent also excels on the protection front because it has dual airbags, rear parking assist system and impact sensing auto door unlock.


1.1 litre diesel engine, 72 PS @ 4,000 RPM, 180 Nm @ 1,750-2,500 RPM

1.2 litre petrol Engine, 83 PS @ 6,000 RPM, 114 Nm @ 4,000 RPM

Price range is between Rs 5.18 lakh-Rs 7.75 Lakh


Maruti Suzuki Dzire is one of the foremost fashionable cars in India below 10 lakh worth range because it comes with nice options and also the trust of Maruti Suzuki. Its quality may be derived from the actual fact that over ten lakh Dzire are already sold-out.

It comes during a gorgeous look which will create even a high range car look less ahead of it. Luxurious Seating and enticing Interiors create the journey of even thousand miles simple and comfy.

Reverse Parking sensing element, Engine begin Stop Button and Bluetooth management on Steering area unit a number of the nice options of this sedan which will create your every drives a privilege. Talking concerning safety options, then it comes packed with ABS and Engine Drag management that ensure a better grip on the road and prevents skidding.


1.2 litre petrol Engine, 84.3 PS @ 6,000 RPM, 115 Nm @ 4,000 RPM

1.3 litre diesel engine, 75 PS @ 4,000 RPM, 190 Nm @ 2,000 RPM

Price range is between Rs 5.15 lakh-Rs 7.92 Lakh


Winner of the car of the Year Award, Tata Zest is another nice sedan and stand at fifth within the list of prime 10 best sedan cars in India below ten lakh. Tata Zest comes during a gorgeous look crafted with luxurious interiors that takes style and luxury to a next level.

Tata Zest conjointly excels in performance and provide unimaginable power with nice mileage. It comes in three engine variants, out of the 2 are diesel engine variants and one may be a petrol variant. Engines utilized in this sedan provide a huge raw power in conjunction with superior mileage and lower emissions.


1.2 litre petrol Engine, 90 PS @ 5,000 RPM, 140 Nm @ 1,500-4,000 RPM

1.3 litre diesel engine, 75 PS @ 4,000 RPM, 190 Nm @ 1,750-3,000 RPM

1.3 litre diesel engine, 90 PS @ 4,000 RPM, 200 Nm @ 1,750-3,000 RPM

Price range is between Rs 4.85 lakh-Rs 8.07 Lakh



According to Ford, the largest gem in its all-new EcoSport crown is that the revolutionary one.0-litre EcoBoost engine. Meanwhile, on the side, Ford will launch two larger engines in its rattling baby SUV. We drove the new biggest gem within the crown, the tried-and-tested one.5-litre diesel.

This can be an equivalent engine as within the new Fiesta. So, on the faucet, you get nearly 90bhp and 204 Nm of torque. Ford engineers have left the unit from the feast largely untouched. Actually, there’s a marginal 1bhp increase in power, however, it’ll be safe to mention you won’t notice it unless you’re partially a robot. Compared to the Renault Duster’s engine, this can be a brilliant swish unit, though it lacks a little of the bottom-end grunt. The torque starts kicking in exactly once the engine reaches round the one, 400-1,500rpm. Below that, the automotive struggles no matter what quantity more you push that extreme right lever. However, past that, it’s a linear surge.


Ford makes a compact SUV that comes in a total of 10 variants within the Indian market. Among them, 6 are petrol and also the rest 4 are diesel variants. There is a distinction in engine power; ranging from 999 ccs going all the way up to 1499 cc. These variants would offer 16-22 km/l counting on driving vogue. Price – Rs. 6.8 lacs to 10.44 lac

On this list is occupied Ford Classic, a sedan car that stands for economy and dependability. The strong engine utilized in this sedan offers superpower on best fuel consumption.


Stylish Interiors, comfortable Seating and Dynamic Look provides a world category expertise when you hit the road. These options have created it one amongst the foremost merchandising sedans in India and over 1.5 lakh Units are already sold-out.


1.4 litre diesel engine, 68 PS @ 4,000 RPM, 160 Nm @ 2000 rpm

1.6 litre petrol Engine, 101 PS @ 6,500 RPM, 146 Nm @ 3,400 RPM

Price range is Rs 5.06 lakh-Rs 7.68 Lakh



The new Hyundai i20 is therefore special not solely with the added style and luxury options but also with the powerful engine and high category comfort options. The urban hatchback is supplied with all options enough for a family automotive.  The Hyundai i20 fuel variants steam-powered by the flamboyant 1.2 kappa petrol engine or another and 1.4 Gamma automatic petrol engine.

The Hyundai i20 uses a totally new platform that was created at Hyundai’s European technical centre to permit Hyundai to manoeuvre into Europe’s extremely competitive auto B-segment. A 2,525 mm (99.4 in) wheelbase helps endow the i20 with a generous traveller cabin. The suspension follows the supermini norm of MacPherson struts at the front and a torsion beam rear end with rack and pinion steering.

A slightly upgraded version of the i20 referred to as the i-Gen i20, went on sale in India in March 2012 onward with tweaked headlamps, new front grille, tail lamps, and fog lamps. It follows the “Fluidic Sculpture” style philosophy with slightly re-tuned engines.  new next-generation model, called Elite i20 in India, was launched in India on August 11, 2014, and is arranged to launch in Europe in 2014 Paris Motor Show.


The flamboyant 1.2 kappa petrol engine with dual VTVT mechanism delivers 82.8 bhp of peak power.  The 1.4 Gamma automatic petrol engine offers you 98.6 bhp power. The 1.2L engine offers you a mileage of 12-13km/ltr in city and 15-16km/ltr on highways. The 1.4l engine offers 10-12km/ltr in city and 14-15km/ltr in highways. Offered in 7 petrol variants.

Hyundai i20 worth in India: Rs. 4.85 lakhs to 7.88 lakhs



 The Japanese automaker Nissan launched Nissan Micra to the roads recently in India. Powered by an 1198 cc, petrol engine that produces 76 bhp @ 6000 rpm power and 104 Nm @ 4400 rpm torque on the ride. Dynamic appearance and an assured drive cater to your style, whereas innovative options reward your style. Expertise an adrenaline rush within the Nissan Micra. Whether or not you come back for hanging style, premium comfort or the latest technology, the Nissan Micra delivers on each count. The Micra leaves a superb impression whenever it passes. Long lasting and energy economical, led rear tail lamps facilitate produce a glance that’s powerful and painting, even within the dark of the night. Unlock your car whereas your keys keep in your pocket or bag.  With Intelligent Key merely touch a button on the front door or bolt handle.  Once within, press the engine start button and move.

Engine mated with CVT-speed, Automatic gears that offers FWD. This 5 seater can offer you a mileage of 18.6kmpl on the ride. You’ve got manual transmission choice also available to settle on supported variants. 3 petrol variants are offered currently in the market with smart category safety and luxury measures.

Nissan Micra worth in India: Rs. 4.80 lakhs to 6.39 lakhs.


Renault Pulse from the Renault may be a good example for the rebadging of the car, Renault Pulse is the rested and changed version of Nissan’s Micra.  The petrol engine is 1.2 litre will offer you 75 bhp power and 104 Nm torque. The engine mated with 5 Manual gearbox offers you a smooth drive. Stand out with the athletic and dynamic Renault Pulse: pretty roofline, extravagant front bumper and colourful trying headlights. Combined with a front façade with dual grille and the new redesigned Renault logo, the Renault Pulse may be a cut higher than the rest.


The engine is the same used in Micra. The ARAI certified mileage of Renault Pulse is 23.1kmpl. The automotive equipped with smart suspension and braking options. You’ve got airbags, seat belts, ABS, EBD, engine immobilizer options for safety. Expect zippy performance, low co2 emissions and extremely affordable maintenance. The Renault Pulse comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine matched with a 5-speed manual transmission. Get the driving seat and enjoy!

Renault Pulse petrol comes with an eager 1.2litre XH5 petrol engine that churns out 76 postscripts of power and 104 Nm of torque.

Renault Pulse price in India: Rs. 4.49 lakhs to 5.78 lakhs

however was the options that were provided to you? currently just compare of these cars and suppose that car is best for you out of those Best ten Cars below ten Lakhs, all the cars are best in appearance, economy, interiors and exteriors. It’s terribly tough for you to require a choice quickly, however, don’t worry simply compare costs with all the options and decide that automotive to shop for from these best ten cars below 10 lakhs.


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