Top 10 Best Car Tyre Inflator in India 2019

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The other day I was on my way to meet my parents in a village, and my tyre got partially flat. It was frustrating as my family was with me. I tried to find the nearby air shop and get it done which has the tubeless tyre, and If I can get little air in it, I can drive a few more kilometre longer and get the puncture done.

Came back and did little research and found Car tyre inflator you can carry with your car. Also found the same problem faced by many car owners and so I jot down the below list of best selling car inflator on Amazon. These are the portable inflator which you should have in your car.

Best Car Tyre Inflator

#1. Benison India 300Psi Electric Air Compressor Tyre Pump for Car (Black)

This is a good quality car inflator, which does not require any strength for pumping air into the tires because it is powered directly from the battery.Pros – it has very high power and also comes with a long pipe. The design is robust and durable.

Cons – As per customer reviews the product can get a little noisy.

#2. Coido 3301 12V Tyre Inflator Car Air Compressor

This easy to use best car inflator India can take care of a flat tire in minutes. It has a  work light which illuminates the surroundings making it really easy to work with.

Pros – it works effortlessly and very fast to ensure that the tires are inflated as soon as possible.

Cons – As per customer reviews, the product can be little fragile to be used in tough conditions.

#3. Windek RCP_AL1E_1902 Digital Tyre Inflator

It comes with a  very powerful compressor, the quality is good and the product is stable enough to be used frequently.Pros – it is a very time-saving product, compared to other inflators. It is also very compact and easy to use.

Cons – There are no cons worth mentioning.

#4. Romic Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator Air Compressor

This one is a very heavy duty car tyre inflator. It is great especially for roadside emergencies because it helps in quickly inflating the tyres and get moving.

Pros – the process of inflation is very easy. Plus, the product is really handy to be carried around in the car.

Cons – Customer feedback has been the very satisfactory product, there is no mention of negative aspects of this product.

#5. RNG EKO GREEN Portable Car/Bike 12V/160PSI Air Compressor Tyre Inflator with LED-Black

Talking about reviews of best car inflator India, this is one of the very best in the business. It is a powerhouse performer, with an amazing built and design.

Pros – It gets the job done in a jiffy. It comes with an LED which really helps in working with it at night.

Cons – This product is simply one of the very best with no cons.

#6. Michelin 12266 High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator

It is a rapid tyre inflator as the name suggests, therefore it gets the job done as quickly as possible and is quite a powerful product.

Pros – It is very robust and durable, plus it inflates the tyres really fast.

Cons – This is a very good product with no negative feedback on it.

This car tyre inflator has a very sturdy built and works very fast avoiding any waste of time when on the road with a deflated tyre.

Pros – the quality of the product is exceptional, plus it is easy t use and long-lasting.

Cons – this is a temporary solution for a flat tire, and the effects are not very long lasting.


As per reviews of the best car inflators India, this product is amazing in terms of quality. It is universal and can be used on all tyres and cars.Pros – it is handy, comes with an LED light, has a digital gauge and automatic shut-off.

Cons – there is absolutely nothing negative about this particular product.

#9. God Gift Portable 300Psi 12V Air Compressor Car Auto Electric Pump Inflator

Made from plastic this tyre inflator is user-friendly and lightweight. It can come very handy when tires get deflated on the road.

Pros – It is made of plastic, is lightweight, easy to handle and maximum inflatable pressure is 300psi.

Cons – Since it is made of plastic it should be handled with care because it can break easily and the body is not resistant to staining.

#10. Goodyear RCP-B2 Analog Tyre Inflator (Blue)

This product is value for money because it does what it claims. It is easy to use, is handy and comes with an analogue meter.

Pros – the performance of this particular product is top-notch. Does what it says and is easy to use.

Cons – there is not notable negative factors about this product which need to be pointed out.

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