The SAV of the Luxury Class – New BMW X7


A declaration of the luxury class: the new BMW X7 is the classic fusion of presence and personality.


BMW X7 HD Wallpapers

The new BMW X7 is 9 inches longer than the BMW X6 and just barely 3 inches shorter than a regular wheelbase BMW 7 Series making it the biggest SUV ever manufactured by BMW.

BMW X7 HD Images


The new BMW X7 will be a seven-seater SUV, a first for BMW. The X7 can also be spaced out in a 6 seater configuration.

BMW X7 Wallpapers

BMW X7 Images

The new BMW X7 will be expected launched in India in 2019 and will take on a long line of SUVs from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLS to the Range Rover Sport to the Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Interior of The BMW X7

The Interior of The BMW X7

Expect prices Rs 1 Crore mark, ex-showroom.

BMW X7 Images


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