Tesla All Set To Be Launched In India

Recently, in a Twitter conversation, Elon Musk CEO of Tesla said that he is hoping to bring the brand to India by the summer of 2017. At present, Tesla is active in many international markets including China.

The electric car market in India is still in very initial stage with the Mahindra e2o and the eVerito being the only choices. Tesla might also be considering to invest in a car manufacturing and battery manufacturing plants in India.

The new Model 3, which is expected to be launched in international markets this year, could be the car that heads Tesla India launch. However, being a Completely Built Up (CBU), it will be having huge import duties. So, while the Model 3 is expected to be a pocket-friendly offering from Tesla, it will still be very expensive deal for many Indian car buyers.

As far as date of launch is concerned, Elon Musk only said that it will possibly be launched in summer 2017. However, we still don’t have proper infrastructure to effectively support the use of electric cars in India. When Nitik Gadkari visited the Tesla plant in California, he offered the company land to establish a plant in India. Tesla also showed interest in setting up a battery manufacturing unit in India.

If Tesla will be launched in India by the summer of 2017, the first model to be launched will be the Model 3. Even though, the Model X and Model S could be launched sooner or later. As of now, Tesla won’t be manufacturing cars in India, so their products won’t be able to take advantage of the Government’s FAME scheme. Also, huge important duties imposed on CBUs will guarantee high cost of Tesla products in India.

While the Model S and Model X are already no sale in international markets, Model 3 deliveries are yet to be started. Model 3 is the most reasonably priced car in Tesla’s range with a starting price of around $35,000.

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