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Tata Hexa – tata has got the power in the superb models of the cars. After the zest, Tata again more and more confidence on the SUV automobiles. The model of this car has been taken from the Aria. This car is influenced by that car. In Geneva motor expo, Tata has given the first sight of the hexa. Then after Tata try to judge the hexa on the Indian roads. Then after Tata Hexa shown in the auto expo. By the wonderful response of the Indian people, Tata has decided to launch twice vehicle in a year in India. Well, this strategy is known as Hori-next. This year Tata is going to launch two automobiles named, Tata Tiago and Tata hexa. There might be Tata next the compact crossover.  Let see some details about this TATA Hexa.

Tata Hexa Price in India

Tata Hexa Price in India is expected between INR 13 – 18 lakhs. The Hexa  Asian country worth are completely different in numerous cities as there’s no universal worth law associated with cars, it depends on numerous tax, duties, and private commissions. This car is not yet realized in India so in terms of price-related things are not sure about the On Road Price of this car. Sellers are seeking for his or her profit, whereas customers are finding out the most effective worth wherever they will save thousands. Here you will get Tata Hexa price in India and alternative complete details that tell everything concerning this future SUV. This platform can tell you correct Hexa Tata automotive worth in Asian country, state, and town wise thus you’ll be able to get the correct deal at right worth close to you.

Tata Hexa Interior

Due to space distance, you may get spacious interior for all-new Tata Hexa compact conception SUV automotive.

This concept automotive from Tata Motors is on the list of most expected cars in Bharat and herein we tend to are talking concerning this beautiful car’s awe-inspiring interior options. Its interior style is reasonably next generation and far totally different than typical Tata cars. It options futurist lines, Connect Next technology, wireless music system, floating trying consoles, full breadth instrument cluster, intelligent human interface system, merely awe-inspiring gear knob and dashboard with five in. bandleader motion picture system, satellite navigation, net property, smartphone & Bluetooth compatible, spare boot area to store bags, ample leg space, knee space, headroom and shoulder space.

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Tata Hexa Colors

Though there are talks of blue, silver, grey and white colours already in the product lineup, then there is still a lot of speculation going on in the colour range that might be on offer. If you are looking for some classy feel then grey and silver are surely ideal for you. If you wish to make use of it for the family use, then just do not hesitate to pick the brighter shades for you.

Tata Hexa Seating Capacity

Tata Hexa is good enough in the Seating. The Seating Capacity of Tata Hexa is 6. This SUV automobile is prepared with a spacious interior to relinquish further comfy comm odiousness whether or not it’s a short trip, routine trip or long trip. If we talk about the Seating Row, this car is having 3 Seating Rows, 6 adults simply fancy the ride incommodious Hexa automobile by Tata Motors, an idea automobile that is loved worldwide.

This car is having enough Boot Space; the Lag Space is enough for each person’s comfort. Tata hexa Seating Capacity is justified its SUV status. Here you can Check out Seating Capacity of Tata Hexa, if we go in depth, we will find that the Seating arrangement is classic, as there are six Number Seats, are available, there are 5 Doors in this car.2 in the first part, 2 in the middle part and 1 in ending part. The rear door gap is distinct than several different cars, it’ll provide you with nice entry ease. Conjointly the automobile holds finest gaudy wanting front and rear seats with back friendly form aren’t it great! The Boot Space is enough good.

Tata Hex Mileage  / Average

As a fuel-efficient car, Tata Hexa gives a mileage of 12 km on city roads, and 15 kmpl on highways, which is pretty fair in terms of major brands and models in the market. A buyer in India would surely worry about the mileage that any vehicle shall claim to give. Here again, Tata Hexa ranks high.

Tata Hexa  Features

Features like Hill Ascent/descent control, traction control, excellent audio system with 10 JBL Speakers and 4-wheel drive modes, are going to interest those who look for these in the inside of the vehicle. Talking about the 2.2-litre Varicor 400 diesel engine, the SUV, Tata Hexa is going to be the best vehicle for those who do not think twice before taking their vehicle on roads or even off-road. The honeycomb mesh grille and the sturdy body and projector headlamps give Hexa a bonus point over others. The fog lamps with DRL strip, and the stylish body cladding and the unmistakable chrome trims give the SUV the oomph it wishes to sport.

The four Super Driver Modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, and Rough Road are sure to win hearts. In fact, even at the Auto Expo where we got to see it, the auto enthusiasts were keen to take a drive at the earliest.

Tata Hexa Specifications


Tata Hexa will come in 9 variants – 5 manual and 4 automatic and the buyer and driver get options of an optional 4WD system, automatic gearbox, and more. The Varicor400 diesel engine is surely strong and just perfect for an SUV any day. Though in recent years, Tata had already made waves with hatchbacks in the market, but in SUV range, this is indeed enviable.

The top power is 154.2bhp @ 4000rpm, and torque is around 400Nm @ 1700rpm to 2700 rpm. The vehicle gets 3 trim levels – XE, XM and XT. The 19” wheel and the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) make the vehicle worth the drive. The auto mode is good for a major type of roads and the rough roads are for the uninitiated and the adventure-loving mountain drivers. The AWD model is the favourite of all.

Tata Hexa Dashboard

The touch-screen navigation system, the 10 JBL Speakers, and 320-watt sub-woofers and the mood-ambient LED illumination in the cabin make the interiors of SUV very cosy. There are body coloured panels with two glove boxes. The MID Display panel has two circular dials and the display comes with various controls and touchscreen attributes.

The audio system allows the users to play music from the ConnectNext, share music and play it. The AUX-in, Bluetooth, and USB shall be perfect for playing music. The infotainment system has metallic colours on the dashboard. Connecting the smartphones and playing music is also quite easy and user-friendly. The spacious cabin and the central console with a knob make the SUV very attractive. Keyless entry and reverse cameras are perfect accessories and fittings that find the place in the Hexa.

Tata Hexa Engine Specifications

Here you can check out Engine Specification of Tata Hexa. There is no marvel for the powerful engine as a result of Tata Motors goes to gift its distinctive construct automobile with next-generation options in India’s hot humour fashionable humour competition-packed phase wherever there’s no space for mistakes and missing options.

In this car, you will get the 2.2 liter Diesel Engine, with 4 Cylinders. This engine is giving you 155 bhp of the maximum power. This engine is giving you 400nm of torque. Tata Motors offer their best in Hexa to create it error-free automobile and as per consultants, it is!. The Transmission system of speed is 6 manual. Additionally, Tata Hexa will provide you wheel drive facility just like Aria.

Tata Hexa Dimensions

The all new Tata Hexa is giving you good Dimensions. Well, it’s Tata Hexa! Meet Tata’s coming artistic movement product with good conception and ideal dimensions. This car is 4,765mm in length and 1,890mm in width and 1,785mm in height. This online automotive info supplier humour automotive shopping for guide platform can assist you for it by telling you Tata Hexa SUV is having the wheelbase of 2,845mm.

 Tata Hexa Exteriors

Tata Motors provides huge importance to car’s overall look and it’s all up to its exterior style. LED headlamps, double sliding door system, floating console, next-gen human-machine interface technology, extra stylish side mirror, sleek headlight cluster, projector headlamps, bold front & rear side bumper, high ground clearance, are good. This compact SUV is completely totally different than Tata’s different automotive and, therefore, the reason is that it’s designed on specific Hexa thought that was well loved by car consultants and by critics too.

Tata Hexa Ground Clearance

The vehicle shall offer ground clearance of 200 mm, which is good for generally all types of terrains

Tata Hexa Boot space

In terms of cabin space and storage place, Hexa is not just showy. The luggage space is adequate and the passengers would not have to worry about compromising their legroom or storage area.

Tata Hexa Best Speed

Amazing top speed of 195 kmpl is on the cards for this Tata Hexa and the acceleration is also good. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters. The double wishbone coil springs suspension on the front and the five-link riding axle with coil springs in the rear are all for your smooth drive.

Tata Hexa Models

Tata Hexa comes in the following models and variants of 4X2 and 4X4 for the buyers. The XE 4X2 MT, XM 4X2 MT, XTA 4X2 AT, XT 4X2 MT, XM 4X4 MT, XMA 4X2 AT, XT 4X4 MT, XMA 4X4 AT, and XTA 4X4 AT.

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