Most Strangest Cars Ever Designed

Cadillac-Pool_Bizarre Cars In The World
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The history of automotive design is littered with bold attempts to create vehicles so different in how they look and how they work. The most daring of these are usually concept cars, which aren’t limited by practicality or government regulations and can, therefore, allow automakers to really push the limits.

Here are 7 Bizarre Cars In The World:

Bizarre Cars In The World_1936-stout-scarabBizarre Cars In The World_1942-l-oeuf-electriqueBizarre Cars In The WorldBizarre Cars In The World_Firebird-|||Bizarre Cars In The World_Ferrari-512-S-ModuloBizarre Cars In The WorldBizarre Cars In The World_1948-tasco-profileBizarre Cars In The World_vintage_funny_cars+pit_laneBizarre Cars In The WorldBizarre Cars In The World_weird-cars-stuffed-animalBizarre Cars In The World_weird-cars-shoe-carBizarre Cars In The World_weird-carsBizarre Cars In The World_mouse-carBizarre Cars In The World_ugly-bug-car

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