Second Gen Nissan Leaf Revealed

Nissan has released its first ever teaser of second gen Leaf EV. Nissan promised to reveal the all-new EV later this year. It is now sure that the new Leaf will adopt a more powerful styling same as the newest Micra.

First launched in 2010, the Leaf is one of the few successful EVs sold across the globe with 2,60,000 units on road today. But with competition constantly increasing with the models like Chevrolet Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3, Nissan knows that it is a high time that the boring Leaf gets a facelift.


The teased headlights are making one thing clear that the new Leaf would be more angular and sharp with advanced LEDs, compared to its boring predecessor. Nissan’s new design philosophy ‘V-Motion 2.0’ is expected to be seen in all its glory in the new Leaf

Other than the prominent exterior changes, the zero-emission hatch is also expected to get a new and updated electric powertrain with an increased range of up to 550 kms. That is double the range of the present car and almost 150 kms more than the recently introduced Renault Zoe.

Other than the increased range, the new Leaf will also boast of the Nissan’s Pro PILOT autonomous technology. The company aims to make the new Leaf a segment leader when it goes on sale in 2018.

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