President Trump’s New Limousine: The Images Are Here Finally


President Trump’s new limousine is almost ready to hit the road.

The first pictures of Donald Trump’s new limousine are out. Here are the best pictures of the car loaded with weapons, an advanced communications suite and emergency medical equipment.

A camouflaged prototype of the next-gen presidential limousine has been spotted undergoing final testing by General Motors, before it could officially become President’s new ride.
The Cadillac One or The Best, was initially scheduled to debut on Inauguration Day, but now it is expected to be seen on the roads by 30/03/2017.

image source: Chris Doane Automotive

The 2017 model is believed to be worth $US1.5 million ($A2 million) and it will replaced the 2009 model Cadillac which former President Barack Obama rode.

The doors are said to be so heavy that the new President won’t be able to open them from the inside. The President’s blood type and a life support machine are also included. This limo will be capable of firing tear gas cannons and a shotgun.

According to Autoweek, “The limo cannot get any bigger, and when it comes to the interior layout the 2017 version will largely be a repeat of the 2009 limousine,” And “The limousine is expected to maintain the looks of a Cadillac Escalade sedan with a seven-seat, 2+3+2 layout meant to carry the chief executive and just a couple of aides on most journeys.”

image source: Chris Doane Automotive

The passenger compartment will still have conference-style seating for 5, and the back passenger doors will still be positioned to the front of the rear quarter windows that will partly obscure the two rear seats.

In 2014, the US Secret Service announced to submit the bids for the contract to design and build a new car for the next President and GM was awarded the project, which also built the previous vehicles.

A Cadillac spokesman said, “It’s Cadillac’s honor to design and build the Presidential Limousine, continuing a great American tradition.”

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