Precautions Required While First Service of the Car

Precautions Required While First Service of the Car

Generally, for any type of cars the first service is performed within 1 month or 1000 Kms it is common with most of the manufacturers, except a couple of few such as Volkswagen which recommends the first service at 15,000 Kms or 12 months or another manufacturer that specifies for service.

First Car Servicing

First Service of the Car

First Service of the-Car

During the first service, the cleaning and vehicle inspection with screws tightened offered. There are no labour costs and no parts cost – unless you tend to replace something.

Servicing of the Car

Service Alignment

Precautions Required While First Service of the Car

Some Important Points you should be aware of are –

1. You may put an identification mark on a spare tyre as it is going to help for all future services.

2. Also, be ensure and check speedometer reading, fuel reading, let service advisor know that your car is scratch free, seats are dust free.

3. Do not miss to mention any complaints or problem related to driving, noise.

Steps you can take for extra product or service

Cabin Air Filter:- Some of the cars don’t have Cabin Air Filter. Though, they have left a provision of installing Air Filter. It is recommended fitment to be done during the 1st Service itself. It makes cabin air free from bacteria, dust and holds the dust in it so that only clean air comes to the cabin.

Cabin Air Filter Change

Cabin Air Filter

Car Servicing

Anti Rust Coating:- Generally partial Anti-Rust Coating is done in Engine Compartment by the Manufacturers. It’s advisable to get Anti Rust Coating during 1st service itself. It saves underbody from Rust and Corrosion. Especially useful for people, who stay in humid areas.

Anti Rust Coating

Anti Rust-Coating

Car Wax:- A wax coating adds on a protective layer and is generally advisable if you care to save your car exterior from dust or park your car under the open sun during summers.


Car Wax

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