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This New Nissan Leaf 2019 release will join many changes and additional elements. This New Black Nissan Leaf Special version car will be accessible alongside the 16-inch dark amalgam wheels, a Color of fluid dark, and the same shading outside paint completing, it has LED headlamps. This new car will also boast a rear spoiler, plus illuminated door sills, and even the floor mats will feature contrasting blue stitching so it’s enough to make the best car. This new car will also boast a rear spoiler, plus illuminated door sills, and even the floor mats will feature contrasting blue stitching so it’s enough to make the best car

In the new Leaf, there is a single pedal, instead of an accelerator pedal, what Nissan calls the ‘e-Pedal’. The driver can accelerate, decelerate and stop the EV by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the pedal. The ProPilot is Nissan’s autonomous driving technology. So, the Leaf can control the distance from the vehicle ahead at speeds between 30-100 kmph. It can break and steer from obstruction without the driver’s intervention. It can also park itself with the ProPilot Park feature. Apart from these, the five-seater is equipped with a plethora of driving aids.

Well, it’s just not complete because the company will provide in-car Wi-Fi hotspot free of charge only for the first 1000 customers or car buyers.  The Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan Europe Gareth Dunsmore told this new Nissan Leaf Black Edition offers their clients a la mode, premium plan, with a moderate mass-advertise 100 per cent electric vehicle. This New car Leaf is qualified to cover 155 miles between charges in view of the recently actualized European Driving Cycle rating; admirably this specifically restricted release may be accessible.

Nissan has released its first ever teaser of second gen Leaf EV. Nissan promised to reveal the all-new EV later this year. It is now sure that the new Leaf will adopt a more powerful styling same as the newest Micra. The teased headlights are making one thing clear that the new Leaf would be more angular and sharp with advanced LEDs, compared to its boring predecessor. Nissan’s new design philosophy ‘V-Motion 2.0’ is expected to be seen in all its glory in the new Leaf,  the new Leaf will also boast of the Nissan’s Pro PILOT autonomous technology. The company aims to make the new Leaf a segment leader when it goes on sale in 2019. Boot space is also remarkable at 435 litres. The new Leaf is loaded with advanced technology. Headlining the Nissan Intelligent Driving technology are – ProPilot, e-Pedal and the company’s benchmark Safety Shield.

Well, in terms of welcoming the great offering around 75000 attachments in electric cars in the Europe nation The Nissan will display a selective version of car Leaf demonstrate?

Spy pic of India bound Nissan Leaf 2019 leaked online. The new Nissan leaf is based on Nissan IDS concept first announced by Nissan in 2015 Tokyo motor show. The Nissan leaf 2019 globally in India launch will be sometime in next year. The car is electric and claiming Zero Emission and Nissan leaf price in India will around 35 lakh.

Nissan Leaf 2019


According to Nissan claims, the New gen Leaf will have improved Aerodynamic design which helps to enhance its electric range. To tap into its high nature, other parts will be improved as well. Nissan introduced new features in this electric hatchback, an e-Pedal which can be  t0ggled by a switch near driver selector. e Pedal helps to slow down the car when the driver put his leg off from the accelerator all the way to the stop.

Nissan Leaf 2019 Release date in India

Nissan confirms the global debut in 6th September at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. Globally the release would be done by the end of this year. While talking about India, the new Nissan Leaf release date in India will be next year in 2019’s first quarter. Though we are expecting the formal launch in upcoming Delhi Auto Expo going to happen soon in Feb 2019

Nissan Leaf 2019 Price In India

As per the report, Nissan is planning to assemble new leaf in India and such exercise will help them to cope with aggressive pricing. Also, the new GST will help them to reduce the price as the new rate is 12% for an electric vehicle to promote. The price of Nissan Leaf will be 35 Lakh a little higher  due to Nissan will bring this in India as CBU – Completely developed unit

Nissan Leaf 2019 Engine Specification

The New Leaf will come with two option 40KWh Battery and 60Kwh Battery. The 40Kwh gives you 265Km Driving time while the 60Kwh will able to drive you up to 350Km. Comparing with old Nissa leaf, there are two range available one is 24Kwh gives you 228Km driving range while 3Kwh is able to drive you 280 Km./

Nissan Leaf 2019 Specifications

In new Nissan leaf 2019, you can expect multiple powertrains and driving range option. If to believe the report surface around, this electric hatchback will get the 60Kwh battery which makes the car drive up to 350 km to 400 Km. The other and obvious range of Nissan would be a 40Kwh model which gives you drive range of 240Km. Ahead of this two option, Nissan is planning to develop 550Km driving range car which will introduce in 2020

Nissan Leaf 2019 Exterior

New-gen Nissan leaf looks more aggressive and sporty than its old version. The new lead exterior style will be sharper and keener than its present model. Nissan leaf 2019 will also get projector headlamps and LED Drl, V motion grille and sharp nose.

Nissan Leaf 2019 Interior

Inside the cabin, you may get a feel of 5th gen Nissan Micra. The safety and infotainment system will be borrowed from Nissan ProPILOT Driving technology. This new system makes the car smarter with Sonar and camera to control steering, braking and input. It also gives the sense the car to park itself in parallel, straight back-in or angled.

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