New Volkswagen Polo Is Not Launching In India Anytime Soon


The new Volkswagen Polo has finally been showcased. The new VW Polo is an advanced version of the last gen in terms of both design as well as features. The new car is based on the MQB platform, which also supports the likes of the Tiguan and the upcoming Passat in India along with the Skoda Superb and the upcoming Skoda Kodiaq SUV.

The new VW Polo will be launched in India, but buyers will have to wait a few years for the popular premium hatchback. Here’s why.

As already said, the new VW Polo is made on the MQB platform. The platform is available on a number of VW cars in India but all of those cars are priced with a premium because the platform is still only a completed knocked down kit format in India with the level of localization very low.

For the likes of the Polo to be reasonably priced in India in relation to the Hyundai i20 and the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, the MQB platform requires a huge level of localization and lower manufacturing price as compared to currently available. If VW doesn’t manage to meet these lower prices, the new Polo will be a lot costlier than the present range, which will make it rather senseless.

In Germany, the new VW Polo is available at a starting price of Rs. 9.36 lakh and prices increase as we move towards top variants. In India in comparison, the on-going Polo starts at only₹ 5.37 lakhs for the base model petrol and about ₹ 6.85 lakh for the base diesel model. The GT models are priced at Rs. 9.15 lakh and 9.25 lakh for the petrol and diesel models respectively. If the new MQB platform is not Made-In-India, the new Polo would just be too costly for the Indian market.

VW India will now have to make a touch decision on when and how much to invest in an updated manufacturing facility for India for the MQB platform if they want to revive the sales of Polo in India with the new gen model.

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