Mark Zuckerberg’s Car Collections

A billionaire is the one who can buy the fanciest cars we can think. When we speak about Mark Zuckerberg is 360 degree opposite. Mark owns the modest of modest cars that can be thought. The Facebook inventor who has a net worth of $ 63.5 billion, which makes him 5th richest person. According to Forbes magazine, he is the youngest billionaires in the world. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from a Harvard dorm when he was 20 years old. The initial business was an algorithm of relationships which later turned out Facebook. Mark lives in California along with his wife and daughter. On a usually day mark is seen driving VW hatchback.

1.Volkswagen Golf GTi

Volkswagen Golf GTi

Volkswagen Golf GTi, the 7th generation model of the Golf which is a German made car. It comes with a 6-speed, manual transmission and 2.2 liters turbo engine which is capable of generating power of 220 HP. This car is having a comfortable and good-looking interior. Mark enjoys the acceleration of the car as it reaches from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds.

2. Honda Fit.

Honda Fit

Mark Zuckerberg also owns a Honda Fit. This is something very unusual car in a billionaire’s car armory. The Fit is a car which has 5-door and front-wheel drive. Fit from Honda is a monospace car design as a single volume. This car is termed to be the best choice for a medium class family. A 1.5-liter engine in the Fit help is it to generate power of 117 HP.


Honda Acura

Honda Acura is a luxury developed by Honda. This car from Honda is j own for its best in class mechanics and aggressive designs which are developed on the core Honda platforms. Acura brings in all the features from Honda Accord which is like icing on the cake. Acura from. Honda is a specious and comfortable Sedan, houses with a 2.4 liter engine which develops 280 HP power.

4.Infiniti G Sedan

Infiniti G Sedan

Infiniti G Sedan is one more special car in Mark ZuckerbergĀ“s car collection. This makes from Renault-Nissan alliance is a luxury sedan house with a 3.7-liter engine and generating power of 328 HP, which is an excellent combination of power and luxury.

5.Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra is a gem in Zuckerberg’s collection of cars. This is a car which every billionaire will like to have in the collection. Pagani Huayra is a two-seater sports car from Italy with a basic price of 850 thousand Euros. It competes very well with the auto gains like Aston Martin, Bugatti a, d Ferrari. Pagani Huayra comes with a V12 6-liter engine and power up to 720 HP.

Mark Zuckerberg’s car collection is not really the collection of all expensive cars, but it is a mix of all segment cars, the collection is likely to grow with time and with the addition of many special cars. People have seen his inclination towards cars when he was seen driving a Nascar in the Charlotte, North Carolina Speedway. He is also seen in company with racers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. And testing Nascar Chevrolet, which is a racing machine used on racing tracks. They say that one have string inclination towards cars is only involved in these kinds of activities.

Mark Zuckerberg is also seen visiting the manufacturing plant from Ford based in Detroit, Michigan. He was seen taking a round around assembly line and trying his hands in the real Time assembly process. Involving in all these activities displays the passion towards cars.

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