Isuzu MU-X and Toyota Fortuner Comparison

So the Isuzu MU-X is almost here and from its looks, the upcoming Isuzu SUV in India is already creating a lot of buzz among the SUV enthusiasts. The new MU-X SUV will replace the MU-7 and will be competing with the like of Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

Here we will be comparing Isuzu MU X with the Toyota Fortuner. Continue reading for the details.

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Price Comparison

Isuzu MU-X (estimated) Toyota Fortuner (ex-showroom Delhi)
Minimum Price Rs 23 Lakh Rs 26 Lakh
Maximum Price Rs 28 Lakh Rs 31 Lakh

We are guessing that the MU X will be reasonable than the Fortuner. If not, then Isuzu SUV might find it tough to justify the high price.

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Specs Comparison

Isuzu MU X Specifications Toyota Fortuner Specifications
Engine Type 3.0 L Diesel Engine 2.7 L Petrol/2.8 L Diesel
Maximum Power 175 BHP Max. Power 164 BHP/175 BHP
Peak Torque 380 Nm Peak Torque 250 Nm/450 Nm
Transmission 5 Speed Manual/5 Speed Automatic Transmission 5 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
4×4 Yes 4×4 No/Yes

While MUX will be available only in single option, the Fortuner provides you both a petrol and a diesel engine. In addition, while the MU X offers a choice of a 5-speed Manual and a 5-speed Automatic transmission, the Fortuner offers a 6-speed Manual and a 6-speed Automatic transmission for the Diesel engine. Even its petrol engine offers a 6-speed Auto box.

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Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Dimensions Comparison

Isuzu MU X Toyota Fortuner
Length  4,825 mm Length 4,795 mm
Width  1,860 mm Width 1,855 mm
Height  1,860 mm Height 1,835 mm
Wheelbase  2,845 mm Wheelbase 2,750 mm
Ground Clearance  -NA- Ground Clearance 193 mm

As compared to Fortuner, the new Isuzu MUX will be longer, wider and taller. Also, it will have a much longer wheelbase as compared to the Fortuner, which means it will be airier.

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Features Comparison


The latest Toyota Fortuner is loaded with features. But, as of now, we can’t say much about the features of MU X. The complete features list will be available only after the lunch, however, we can expect most of the features that are available on the Fortuner. s

Toyota Fortuner Features List

  • Bi-beam Projector units
  • LED daytime running lights
  • LED tail lamps
  • Touchscreen Infotainment unit with Navigation
  • Downhill Assist Control
  • Hill Assist Control
  • Active Traction Control
  • Power and Eco driving modes
  • 7 Airbags
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • Brake Assist
  • Push Button Start

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Design Comparison

As compared to sleek Fortuner, the MU X is rather masculine. This doesn’t mean that the Fortuner doesn’t have catchy street presence, but the larger dimensions of MU X, give is a more appealing look than the Fortuner. Fortuner looks more premium and the Isuzu MU X has got rugged looks.

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Interior Comparison



On comparing the interior of the new Fortuner with the MU X, the former looks a lot more premium and futuristic. MU X’s cabin is a lot like that of the Chevrolet Trailblazer. This means it will get the same circular auto aircon setup. Both the cars will have a touchscreen interface for the infotainment unit. Both will have 3 rows of seat, however MU X will be more spacious.

Isuzu MU X vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison Verdict

  • Price: While price of Isuzu will be revealed on May 11, it is possible that the Fortuner will be costlier.
  • Specifications: The Fortuner gets a point in this case. As it has both petrol and diesel engine option. Also, the 6 speed Automatic Transmission is available unlike 5 speed unit on the MU X.
  • Dimensions: The Isuzu MU X is clear winner here.
  • Design: While everyone has their own choice, The MU X is more rugged and Fortuner looks premium and sleeker.

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