Ford Full-Electric SUV to be Launched in 2020

Ford is working on a full electric SUV with a range of over 400 km’s which is expected to be launched by 2020. This model is expected to be affordably priced and will be launched a full year before Ford unveils its autonomous driving concept car.

Ford Full-Electric SUV-1

The car manufacturer had an idea that for volumes to grow in the electric car segment, it would have to make affordable cars so that it can reach a wider audience easily. This all-electric crossover is expected to be the first vehicle in that range of cars and will also be the base for future autonomous concepts as well as vehicles for ride sharing program in which Ford is making huge investments.

Ford Full-Electric SUV-1

Ford gave hints of the range of around 485 km for this electric crossover, but it is now believed to have gone over that number. This distance is same to what a B-segment diesel hatchback can provide on a full tank today.

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