First Sports Car From Tata Motors Is Expected To Look This

TAMO- the sub-brand of Tata Motors’ would unveil its first ever sports car, the TaMo Futoro. The new vehicle will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show on 7th of March.

However, Rushlane took things a step further and created a digital render of the car, based on all clues that they could collect. At the time of the announcement of the new sub-brand, Tata Motors showed a teaser image of the sports car, but it was under covers.

Tata’s head designer Pratap Bose retweeted the render, saying, “looks good but im sure it will be more stunning than this render”.

According to Autocar, the new sports car will be inspired by the Open Speedster. This means it will be a two door car with very low seating position. The car will be very lightweight and will be powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that will get about 180 BHP of power.

Tata says that the manufacturers are planning to keep the kerb weight of the Futuro to only 800 kg. With this weight and 180 bhp power, the car will have a huge power-to-weight ratio of 225 BHP/ton. Many sports cars from the past era have similar power to weight ratios like Ferrari 208, 2014 Porsche 911 and Targa 4 996.

The car will have a mid-engined set-up with rear wheel drive layout. It will ensure that the weight distribution of the Futuro remains balanced. In order to keep the weight minimum, Tata will use lot of aluminum and composite plastic, but the car won’t get any carbon fiber components to keep the cost low.

Tata will only make 250 units of the Futardo in order to maintain its exclusivity. The price will be somewhere around Rs. 25 lakh.

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