Everything you Need to Know About Ex-demo Cars?

What are ex-demo cars?

An Ex-demo or ex-demonstration car is a display model made available for sale. These cars are generally driven by potential buyers during test drivers or by dealership staff and may have covered a few thousand miles; as a result, they are made available at a discounted rate as compared to new models.

Why ex-demo cars are put for sale?

Dealers always want to have the latest models in their showrooms and usually want to get rid of older models consuming the space. Dealers will typically offer huge discounts on these cars to attract buyers.

Are these cars a good deal?

Ex-demo cars are generally high-spec models as dealers want the prospective buyers to know the best options and packages. This means your budget might stretch a little than you actually though, benefiting from options like larger alloys or upgraded infotainment packages.

These cars are generally kept in top condition, so you don’t have to worry about dents or scratches on them. However, you must inspect them carefully before buying. If there are any faults or chips then you will be able to bargain the price more.

Lastly, ex-demo cars will usually have covered fewer miles as compared to similar aged used cars, so you will benefit by getting a ‘newer’ car. This will be helpful when selling the car in future.

Things to remember when buying ex-demo car

Even though, you will possibly be getting a nice deal on a car, there are a few things you must consider. As already said, they may have covered more miles than pre-registered cars.

Also, unlike pre-registered cars you won’t be the first legal owners of the car as it must have been registered to use as demo. Typically the dealership will put itself as the first legal owner before you sign on the papers.

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