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RTO Gurugram
RTO (Regional Transport Office) in Gurugram has three offices divided by the zone in North, South and the other one is RTO office Gurugram. The RTO Office Codes are named as HR-26, HR-55, and HR-72. The Gurgaon RTO works under the Transport Department of Haryana under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
RTO Gurugram
The territorial transport office of Gurgaon is depended with the obligation of guaranteeing protected and unfaltering working of street transport in the city. The main job of Gurgaon RTO is to grant permits, issue a driving license, carry out registration of vehicles and others. Moreover, here are some key responsibilities.
RTO in Gurugram
1. Issuance of fitness certificate for transport vehicles
2. Transfer of ownership
3. Issue/renewal of a driving license
4.Issue duplicate driving license and RC
5.Issue of NOC
6.Collection of IMV fees and taxes
7. Issue of fitness certificate
8. Grant and renewal of permits
9. Issuing a driving license for driving schools
10.Issuance of conductor license
11. Road Safety Promotion
12.Motor Vehicle Registration

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