Dhoni’s Car Collection is Wide and Varied


Everybody is aware of MS Dhoni’s love for cars. When it comes to his car collection, he has some of the most interesting cars in his garage.

Here we are listing some of the cars that MS Dhoni owns.

Ferrari 599 GTO


The 599 GTO looks pretty cool. And its 6.0-litre Naturally Aspirated V12 makes its even cooler. The max power of the car is 661 BHP, which makes it one of the most powerful machines among all the cars that Dhoni owns.

Land Rover Freelander 2


MS Dhoni owns a pre-facelift black Freelander. The model has now been discontinued after getting replaced by the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Audi Q7


Like most Indian and international celebrities, Mahi also owns an Audi Q7. His black Q7 has been seen in Ranchi a number of times. Dhoni has the previous generation Audi Q7.

Hummer H2


His Hummer H2 made a lot of news. While purchasing this giant American SUV, he paid almost a crore. Even though Hummer shut shop a long time back, it is still one of the most well-known SUV brands across the globe.

Mitsubishi Pajero SFX


This is another SUV in MS Dhoni’s possession. The Pajero still enjoys a strong fan base even after being discontinued. Few years back we came to know that Dhoni owns a Pajero. We are not sure if it is still in his garage.

GMC Sierra


Most Indian might not know of this brand. However, GMC is synonymous with big-full-size SUVs in the American Market. Owned by General Motors, GMC manufactures a huge range of SUVs and pickup trucks.

Mahindra Scorpio


Last, but not the least, Dhoni’s car collection also includes a Mahindra Scorpio. The Scorpio is not a premium brand like the ones listed above, but its aggressive look and the commanding position has made Scorpio make its way to Dhoni’s car collection.

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