Big News for Automated Driving Cars

Big News for Automated Driving Cars

Now, BMW and Daimler are joining hands to promote the automated driving technology which will overtake the market of companies like Uber and Waymo. Both the motor brands have joined hands and agreed on developing auto drive cars.


BMW HD-Wallpaper

BMW and Daimler launched a joint venture in auto-related digital services such as car sharing, ride-hailing, and ticketless parking. They are into more advancement of automatic cars and minimize the autonomous trend.

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It is believed that coming together would shorten the cost of the development cycle, as well as speed up the technology and boost the strength. This venture would initially start with various industry calls of levels 3 and 4 where Level 3 means the vehicle can detect its surrounds and respond to circumstances, but a driver must be ready to take control at all times.


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