Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

I love the smell of a new car, it’s a heavenly feeling, but as days passed, My car started sticking with dust and what not. It was challenging to maintain the cleaning and smell. I am already using the Air freshener room and car but the dust and particles are just not going away. I finally set and decided to buy a new portable vacuum cleaner to make the work done.

Using and review, I have decided to go with Black & Decker and bought one for my self.  I have also reviewed the same for my readers to decided according to their budget and choice. check it out.

# List of Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India 

#1. Black & Decker AV1205 Grey DC Car Vacuum Cleaner (12.5 W)

The price of this product is Rs.1,539.00/-. This product is having Crevice tool as well as a brush which is utilized to clean difficult-to-reach areas without doing more efforts. This cleaner is having an action filtration system. To do work easily, it has 5-meter cable. It has a very small adapter which is able to fit easily into a cigarette lighter socket of the car. 1 year of Warranty is given on this product. Power consumption is as 12.5 watts; Operating voltage: 12 volts. in a box of this product you will get, Vacuum cleaner, Crevice tool, Brush, User Manual, and Warranty card.

#2  RNG Eko Green 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG is recent features on BCII and #Bestseller Car vacuum cleaner in India. With 4.5 Rating and 241 Customer review, RNG Eko green is best 12 v and high power vacuum cleaner.

While writing this the price is 1225 which discounted price. The original price is 1999. The product selling by Amazon is eligible for free delivery. Below is Features

  • 106 Watt with High power motor. Having CE & ROHS certification.
  • 3.0 KPA Suction and 75DB low noise helps you to quick and easy cleaning in your car
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with 4.2-metre long wire helps you to reach every corner of your car.
  • You can clean wet and dry mode as its capacity to absorb spilt liquid inside your car.
  • Extra Brus and Extra connection make this vacuum cleaner best seller.
  • Easy to clean and Wash

#3. Bergmann Tornado Car Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

The Vacuum suction of this instrument is able to lift a mobile and coins, the motor which is used in this is 12v copper core. The ABS material which is used in this thing is pure and strong, the plug is a 3m long 12V cigarette lighter. You can take both advantages from this machine one is a vacuum cleaner and second is utilizing as a dryer. It has a washable medical-grade HEPA filter. This machine has two attachments; one is Crevice nozzle and second is brushed translucent dust bowl. This product is having one year of warranty. The price of this product is 969/-.

 #4. Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

The price is 1710/-. This item is having different uncommon components and characteristics like, 12V, 100 watt turbo copper-centre engine with solid suction force can lift up to 510 grams through vacuum suction, High quality, intense and unadulterated ABS material with a 3m long 12V cigarette lighter attachment, Dual reason, appropriate for wet and in addition dry use, Comes with a high caliber, launderable restorative evaluation HEPA channel, Comes with 4 connections: Crevice spout, hose funnel, fabric brush and cover brush Translucent dust dish, 1 year guarantee on item.

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