7 Best Maruti Baleno Accessories


I bet you have recently purchased your Baleno and wants to try accessories to feel the luxury enhance the experience. Well, In 80% of the case, people want to buy accessories along with the new purchase. Though people who bought earlier should not disappoint as the list of below accessories for baleno are not limited to new owners, your Baleno would also like to wear it. The list of accessories will help your baleno to enhance looks, feel,  usability, protection and much more.  The accessories are for all Baleno model like Baleno Alpha, Baleno RS and so on. If you want to buy any of this, please comment below with the name of accessories, I will find it from online and send you a link to buy it.

7 Best Maruti Baleno Accessories

#1. TPH Glamour Black Car Cover with White Piping

Such wonderful and luscious is this cover it will set you head over heels in love with itself. Equipped with a Duffle Bag, Removable Belts and also a storage bag, this cover offers both water resistant and dust resistant properties. Also, this stylish cool cover offers for explicit attention from customers with a three-shot stitch which efficiently highlights the curves of the car and gives a sexy and cool shape to the same.

Also, the material is made of polyester which offers smooth textures all over the surface, thus creating a great user experience for the corresponding customers. What lies beneath is a delicate soft velvet touch which adds further glamour to the same. It has an excellent locking system which a user craves to die for and upholds the matchless position of being the most preferred choice for clients and customers alike. The stitching is excellent with a clean lining and excellent fitting, thus creating an exclusive and amazing product meeting the market trends in particular.

#2. Auto Pearl-Chrome Plated Accessories of Premium Quality

Descending from the brand of AutoPearl, this item weighs around 9 kg and is a combo kit of one set consisting of basically the handle cover, fog rim, finger guard, eye cat, mirror cover, headlight cover, tail light over and handle cover. What is worth noticing is the finishing touch added to it by the corresponding business client and the ease with which it has been modelled to give a sleek and sexy design all over.

This particular accessory is a great asset to your car and looks quite cool whilst protecting your car against any minor or major impacts from damaging any subtle parts of your car. An excellent product for your greatest asset!!

#3. Auto Pearl Premium Quality Car Chrome Finishing Lower Spoiler 

This niche product by Auto Pearl weighs around 520 grams and serves to add beauty to the already amazing car. Available in free size, this product has dimensions around 119 x 16 x 6 cm and has one ABS Spoiler Wing Material and has excellent durable ABS Plastic which is a lot more durable and light in weight.

Also, this material aims to provide protection against the various variations of the weather conditions and is an excellent product which adds a great finish to your new Maruti Baleno- one of its kind!


#4. Speedwav Car Halo CCFL Angel Eyes Light White

It provides the coolest look to your car headlights! What an amazing piece of art! The very design is too classy and unique for its excellent finishing touch and its perfectly shaped figures. Equipped with Super Bright CCFL Hallo lights, the feature is more nature-friendly compared to the regular neon lights used most widely in most cars as such.

These are more durable and have an excellent quality to restrain water thus delivering effective target of development. A must buy for those who love classic featured coolest front lights and give the look of a superhero car on the run.

#5. Premium Quality Car Chrome Fog Light cover

This particular feature adds a special effect to your fog light and gives the amazing finish in excellent quality chrome. The classic feature of this product is that it can be easily installed over the existing lights and thus does not create any kind of complications while delivering excellent quality and efficient user experience on the whole. Equipped with special properties, they provide better clarity and are water and dust resistant.

Overall, it is one of the top quality niche products you must have to efficiently enhance your car for a better and added functionality.

#6. Auto Pearl Premium Quality Zipper for Magnetic Sun Shades Car Curtain

Encumbered with a total set of 4 pieces, this custom fit car magnetic curtain which is of excellent premium make and available in free size. The material used is nylon polyester Mesh with metallic frame included along with magnets. There is also an inclusion of zipper curtains for front window and non-zipper curtains for the rear window.

Embedded with the features of auto fix to the sides of the window, this great product must be one in your list while buying sets for your Maruti Baleno.

#7. Front Line Three Dimensional Car Seat Cover

Equipped with two free neck rests, this product has automotive grade PU leather for both front and backs seats and has been incorporated efficiently with a 3D effect. Enriching with a permanent dry feel and no such chemical odours, this seat cover is easily cleanable and are equipped with excellent fitting criteria for great user experience and satisfaction at the same time.


Worth buying this and do not forget to include this feature too in your cart while on a shopping spree for your very beloved Maruti Baleno.

Please send your Baleno once you applied any of these accessories, I would love to post your testimonial here.

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