Mercedes A-Class Interiors Officially Revealed


The German automaker has officially revealed the interior of the new 2018 Mercedes A-Class and it is just perfect. The fourth gen A-Class gets a unique interior incomparable to any of its competitors in its segment presently. The new 2018 Mercedes A-Class is expected to debut at 2018 Geneva Motor Show and leads Mercedes’ expanded, 8 car range on the same platform. Almost all manufacturers have their particular modular platforms now that can be changed easily as per the requirement and feature all types of body styles like SUVs, crossovers, sedans and hatchbacks.

The major focus of the car manufacturer was on making the interior of the car better in terms of luxury and comfort. Some things are kept similar to its elder siblings i.e. the E-class and the S-class. Mercedes Benz believes that adding luxury and borrowing features into smaller variants will improve the demand for compact vehicles aimed for the urban environment.

Mercedes’s compact car product manager, Christoph Eberlein said, “Some people want a small car because they live in a city or need to save space, but they still want to have all the luxury features and options. This is a luxury design for compact cars. Small doesn’t have to be non-premium.”

2018-Mercedes-A-ClassThe new 2018 Mercedes A-Class will have higher level of in-car technology and a long list of options. According to the head of interior design of Mercedes, Hartmut Sinkwitz, the buyers of A-class are much younger than other models, the focus was on improving the overall dynamism.

Mr. Sinkwitz said, “There is a general trend for people to spend more on interior options rather than, for example, spending money on a better engine. People spend more time in their cars and want comfort, so their willingness to pay for interior options is growing.”

The fully redesigned dashboard has got two displays with a split in the middle featuring ambient lighting to give a sense of space. The base variants will get two 7.0 inch displays which can be upgraded to one 7.0 inch and a 10.25 inch or both 10.25 inch displays. The turbine style air vents feature ambient lighting available in 64 colors and come pre-loaded with 10 mood programs.

The three spoke multi-function steering wheel is taken from the S-Class and for the first time, the seats have got heating as well as climate control function. In the international market, the 2018 Mercedes A-Class will be available in three trim levels-an entry level style, a performance oriented AMG edition and top of the line-Progressive trim.
The two negatives of the current A-Class were the boot capacity, which has been improved by 29-litres to 370-litres and the access to boot has been revised by 200 mm wider loading aperture. The second one is the headroom for the front passengers which has been improved by 7mm to 1.024 mm.

We have to wait for the launch date of the Mercedes A- Class.

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